thank you!

For yourwords of appreciation

''Heidi is the best hair dresser I have ever had!! Thank you for making me beautiful'':)

Karina Tescianno

''Thank you Heidi for being a wonderful hairdresser and taking the time to find out what I want.

I was so excited to finally meet you and you did a wonderful job. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.


''Heidi has been my hairdresser for the past 5 years and i will never leave! she is VERY talented and really takes pride in what she does. Her upstyles are amoung the best in the industry. I believe she is the next Martin Parsons!''

Caroline M.

''If you work with Heidi for a wedding i recomend getting the product package witch includes both the hairspray and the powder of life. both products are really awsome and unique plus, its a great gift for your bridal party. that way you can recreate your style using exactualy what she used on the wedding day! I love it!

Annabell Viscos

''I just bought a case of the powder from Heidi Bruce for my salon and all of my employees love it! Thanks, great job''

Misty Montgomery LV

''I have had a lot of hair dressers and i have to say that Heidi is exceptional''

Amanda Powers

''Im so happy I finally found a stylist that listens to what I want''

Maria Sands

''Heidi thank you for making my hair have live again''


''After I got my hair done I went home and my husband said ''wow'' Thats all I can say..Thank you Heidi!

Mary Tusco

''Someone who takes pride in her work and is a gifted artist''

Miss Carter

''Heidi did my hair and my bridesmaids' hair for my wedding. I could not have been happier with how all of our hair turned out. She made sure it was perfect and that I loved everything about it before she was finished. I had wanted to change just a few things that we had done at the trial and on the day of the wedding she made those changes and it was gorgeous. I felt so beautiful and got a ton of compliments on my hair throughout the evening. My girls were saying that they got so many nice comments about their hair, too. She is also very sweet and funny and fun to be around. I loved her so much that I even had her cut my hair into a new style after the wedding because she also travels for hair cutting services. Heidi is great and I would recommend her to any bride wanting to feel beautiful on their big day''!


Heidi Bruce is a creative and talented artist who works closely with each customer to craft a memorable beauty experience for weddings and other special events. Having seen the results of her Fantastic endeavors and talked to her customers I would highly recomend her for any affair requiring grace, sophistication, and total professionalism. I also love her product line and have used her products for over three years.

Sincerely, Rory

''Heidi is a very fun person and a pleasure to be around, Her skill with ''the updo'' is exceptional''

-Carina Martin

''Heidi I give you 5 stars, I love the VaVa VOOM that you gave to my hair''


Hi Miss Heidi!! I had the pleasure of working with you last week. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated everything you did for me on the most stressful day of my life. you went out of your way to make sure I was perfect. Your calm and cool and collected and I really loved working with you. I also love my hair! my family loved it too. I felt so beautiful because of you. I want you to cut my hair next! You are a rock star!

-Sandra Morague

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