Q&A for Weddings and Events

Q: Do you go on location?

A: Yes! All of the events that I work on require me to go on location. Im able to travel in the USA and abroad!

Q: do you require a trial run?

A: YES! no exceptions.

Q:What should I do to prepare my hair for my event?

A: You should have clean dry hair wih no products in it. Wash it either the night before or the morning of, to maximize my time for you.

Q:How long will my hair style take, and what are your prices?

A:Depending on your hair type, a style can take 30 min to two hours. My prices are $45-$150

I require a trial run. The cost of the trial run is $50 plus half the cost of your style.

Q: Can I change my hairstyle on the day of my event?

A: I recommend NOT changing your style once we have done the trial run and decided on a specific style. The last thing you want to do is try a new style on your wedding day or event, and not like it...this takes up precious time that you may not have. I am flexible with minor changes but, just be aware of your time scedule.The time for experimenting is at your trial run not your wedding/event day. You may do as many trial runs as you like.

Q:Is my hair going to last?

A: I take into consideration the type of event, the weather, and your activity before you leave my chair. You will look & feel amazing from start to finish. Most clients tell me that they are able to wear the hair style for at lease two days!

Q: Can I bring photos?

A: Yes! I love photos. Try to find 5 or more photos to help visualize the look you desire. Im able to copy any style I see.

Q: Can you do extentions?

A: YES! I recomend that most clients either purchase clip in extentions or have me apply them prior to the event. It makes a huge differance and always looks stunning. I can also provide wigs/ hair pieces. Most every style that you see in the magazines are done using extentions and hair pieces. I can acheave the "glamour" looks, but most likley you will need some type of extention.

Q: what forms of payment do you except?

A: Cash, Credit Card, Check

Q: How should I tip?

A: 20% is the industry standard. Your courtesy is greatly appreciated. I take great pride in making people feel beautiful and happy. I always do my very best to exceed your expectations

Heidi Bruce Hair

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